I have no complaints at all. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I tell everyone how happy I am with this company. I would however like a blue trash bin. Now my neighbors are going to your company they all have the pretty blue ones. Lol. But in all seriousness I am very happy with everyone. I noticed one day while dumping the trash a bag didn’t make it and fell on the road. They stopped and made sure they picked it up right away being careful to see if anything else fell out. I was very impressed. Thank you.

Debi Avatar Debi
June 10, 2023

Best trash company I have ever used. There have been times I forgot to put the trash out, By the time I make it to the road they have passed my house but still make sure to get my trash if they saw me. I have changed cards and instead of not picking up trash they have called for payment. Very communicative when switching dates for pick up. All trash Men and office personnel have been extremely pleasant and helpful! Great pricing as well, Ten out of ten highly recommend!!!!!

Nichole Shannon Avatar Nichole Shannon
June 10, 2023

Clean Earth is efficient and dependable. I like how they keep track of when your trash has been picked up. Their office staff has the best customer service and are always able to answer any questions regarding your service or billing.

Cindy Hicks Avatar Cindy Hicks
June 10, 2023

My experience with clean earth has been great thus far. I’ve been a. Customer for approximately 8 months having switched from two other companies and the decision to go with them has not disappointed me. I don’t have to reach out much, but on the rare occasions I do, Clean Earth has always responsive, polite, professional and courteous.

T Lester Avatar T Lester
April 10, 2023

So far price and good service is why I keep using this company. In the past I’ve used new start ups and they lure you in with cheap pricing then after 6 months or so they drop the bomb and rates increase significantly. Been with clean earth one year now and that hasn’t happened - keep up the good service CE

Kenny Drummond Avatar Kenny Drummond
April 10, 2023

We have used this company for a year now and I have been so impressed by their professionalism and care. We went with them initially because we were unhappy with the big trash companies in our area; we wanted to support a company of individuals who actually want to work and do a job well done. And they do! I have nothing but positive things to say about Clean Earth Sanitation. Great job, guys!

Postcards from Georgia Avatar Postcards from Georgia
April 10, 2023

Been with clean earth for over 7 years now and have never had an issue. They have always been on time and if they miss a day for any reason they are sure to come out as soon as possible for pickup and understand there may be extra bags due to the missed day. The lady's who answer the phones are always very nice and professional. 10/10 recommend!

Courtney Miller Avatar Courtney Miller
February 10, 2023

I do use them for my home service, but this is more of a compliment to the guys picking up on Upchurch Rd. These guys know they’re on a main road. They are moving with a purpose!! Guy on the back jumps down, quickly grabs a can attaches it to the truck and heads for another can. Driver jumps out almost in a dead sprint to hit the lift mechanism, just as the other guy is attaching another can. Poetry in motion! These guys are getting the job DONE!!

Brandon Oravetz Avatar Brandon Oravetz
June 10, 2023

They do a great job and isn't taking a lot of my coins..I've used them for over 2 years now. And they are good... good price for what they do..thanks guys!

Shalah McMurtry Avatar Shalah McMurtry
June 10, 2023

It’s easy to communicate with this company. Real people will talk with you. The trash truck workers are courteous. They say good morning! I picked up a piece of cardboard that had blown onto my lawn; the workers waited for me to pick it up and even placed it into the truck for me. Thanks for being a good human beings!

Lynda Kerr Avatar Lynda Kerr
April 10, 2023